Thursday October 30, 2020

Golden memories

Now that it’s fall and the trees are turning, it’s time to share some golden memories, along with a recipe. I was cooking with our duck eggs this weekend, making French toast, and having bittersweet memories when I would have been standing at the stove beside my mom as she made what was always considered a very special meal. It has been years since I was able to cook with my mom in person, but she’s still always there beside me.

To make perfect French toast, which at our house was considered a special savory dish, my mom always used a skillet reserved only for that task. We stood side by side at the stove, splitting each piece between us as it came out of the pan, with nothing added. I didn’t even realize that other people added syrup or powdered sugar until I went to college. She cooked it as a treat, a special thing for just the two of us. When I was working my ER rotation in PA school, almost unable to go any further, she drove up from Alabama and had it waiting when I got home. Ah, those golden memories that I will treasure forever.

To recreate our French toast, take 4-5 eggs and wisk them together in a mixing bowl. Add just enough milk to make the mix a lighter yellow color. Also add a pinch of salt. Dip the slices of your favorite bread into the bowl so both sides are coated with the mix. Have a hot pan with melted butter waiting. Cook slowly until the toast is browned, caramelized by the butter. Eat at the stove with a special person as you remove it from the pan. I’ve never eaten it sitting down!

We still have duck eggs if you want to make your French toast extra special. Contact me through Instagram or Facebook to find out details.

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