Monday October 12, 2020

Quack, quack, quack!

Our ducks, if you’ve followed the blog, are raised completely free range with no hormones or antibiotics. They are a fun loving group with big voices and big personalities. In the future we hope to build them a nesting box that floats on our large pond, but for now they live in a pen close to the house at night. Don’t worry, they still have a baby pool to swim in.

I hadn’t eaten duck eggs until our girls started laying, so I wondered what all the talk was about. They are larger than chicken eggs, as you can see. They are great for baking, which I have already tried with great results. We have eaten them scrambled and over easy fried. The yolks are larger and richer than chicken eggs. All I can say is that you should try them and see what you think.

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