Thursday October 15, 2020

Third time's charmed!

Sometimes things just go south for a while. Every farmer knows it. Things happen that surprise you, sometimes in a bad way. At Namaste Farm, we do everything in our power to care for our animals, but the best sometimes isn’t enough. Last week we had a lamb who looked a bit down and out one night, but not in a way that demanded some specific action. The next morning it was dead. Sheep are like that. I found myself the next day driving the body to UT for disposal. That wasn’t fun.

Then we noticed that our little princess Lilo, a mature black Chihuahua, had been looking sad and not eating much. She has a history of GI problems, especially food allergies, so for the first day or so we watched. She looked sadder. She ate less. When you weigh 5 pounds, you don’t have much to lose. I took her to see the vet when I returned from the trial in South Carolina. It seemed that she was having an immune disorder. She got some steroids. We held our breath, hoped she would eat. So far, so good!

Then came this past weekend. Oh the rain… The damp blew out my birthday candles! Shhh, I’m not telling my age. There is nothing to match animal care in the rain and muck. Then I picked up a hay bale and the buzzing from a yellow jacket nest followed me out into the yard. Thankfully, the stings didn’t match the number of candles on my cake, but they sure did hurt. Here’s hoping that our string of farm slump is over, because I’m ready for a rest.

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