Tuesday September 15, 2020

He’s a traveling man!

Bueller back with his ladies

I told you recently about our new ram, Bueller, who is the gentleman friend of our Katahdin ewes. He is co-owned by Redbrooke Ranch, our friends Kelly and Juan. After the Namaste ladies had been with him for a month, it was time for Bueller to head off to his other herd, who he’d never visited before. He ended up having more of an adventure than any of us thought possible.

To say he has no manners around people is a bit of an understatement. It turned out to be a little like a WWE championship fight to get him into the sheep enclosure in the back of our truck. Maybe he didn’t want to leave his ladies. Whatever, it took some doing to get him to Redbrooke Ranch. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the enclosure he was going in had a gate too narrow for the truck. When he came out of the truck, he disappeared into the part of Redbrooke that isn’t pasture. Since I hadn’t brought a dog, darn it, Juan and I gave chase on foot, but Bueller had disappeared.

Needless to say, a lot of looking and calling and talking to neighbors took place. The perimeter of the farm is not sheep proof fencing, so we thought that young ram had fled for parts unknown. As it turned out, days later, he suddenly appeared again at the Redbrooke gate. This time he was being chauffeured in a Ford Focus by a neighbor who lives 2 miles away. Apparently she has a Great Pyrenees who had made a new friend that day. She remembered that Redbrooke has sheep, so she somehow loaded Bueller up and brought him home.

And that, my friends, is the best sheep story you will hear this week!

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